At present time the trade plays the role of the of the progress's engine as before. For example, according to the expert's estimation, the trade keeps about 20 percents of yearly increase in Russia economy. Thus it is not strange that trade is very attractive for big, small and middle business.

Торговое оборудование для магазинов, бутиков, супермаркетов Sure, the selection of the trade furniture and equipment (counters, stands, mannequins, refrigerators) should be done very carefully, when you start or extend the business. The trade equipment represents as the "face" of the commercial organization for both a little shop (boutiques) and a supermarket. Even if your high quality goods are very modern and fashionable, it will no look as quite expressive, if shop equipment and store furnishing are not suitable. On the other hand, proper trade furniture and equipment provides well management with the range of goods and business planning. Because competition in the trade business is growing, businessmen should reflect upon usage of high technology and equipment, and look for new approach to the trade management.

Оборудование для торговли - оснащение магазинов, бутиков, супермаркетов The Moscow based MAGAST Company offers a set of shopfitting solutions including shop design (boutiques design), trade service, which can be used successfully by both beginner and venerable businessmen. We hope that our service will be ideal decision for small and large trade organizations. We can help you to create a new shop, doing the work turnkey: starting with conception and shop design, and finishing with delivery, assembly and shopfitting of the equipment on the trade area. Our Company can reequip operable shop and extend its functionality. Taking into account changed tendencies of the trade equipment market, we can make a shop more interesting for buyers.

Проектирование и поставка систем торгового оборудования для магазинов, супермаркетов Wealthy experience in trade design and projection is our undoubted advantage. It is supported by extensive connections with European business associates and own manufacture. Our associates include: Visplay - first-rate producer of modular systems of trade equipment for wide-profile shops (Germany); Arthema Group - leading company producing universal trade equipment (Italy); GIBAM - producer of furniture and other trade equipment for grocery shops; and others.

Our suggestions characterize optimal relation between price and quality. Basing your activities on the decisions from MAGAST Company, you will get guarantee of your successful business in long time ahead.